Ballooning week in the Kaiserwinkl

  • Ballooning week in the Kaiserwinkl
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A particularly picturesque spectacle is the annual ballooning weekend at the end of January. At the launch sites in Kössen and Walchsee meet, international balloonist teams. Each day, the colorful balloons rise into the air and combine with the peaks of the Kaisergebirge to form a picture postcard image.

From the ground you can observe the performance trials and race of the professionals. During presentation rides, about 40 balloons with unusual shapes from the seven countries (Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg) rise up into the sky. In addition to the extensive supporting program with horse-drawn carriage rides and cottage entertainment, the cheap lift system gives you endless opportunities, Everyone can marvel at the mountain in a balloon for €160€.

Registrations are possible directly at the launch site.A highlight is the Glowing Night 'held on Walchsee where the balloons are lit up at dusk by the light of their own gas flames. More information and exact dates at

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  • Ballooning week in the Kaiserwinkl


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